Carbon Accounting Software
Carbon Accounting Software
Automated Monitoring Carbon Footprint

Shaping the Future of Sustainability

Our vision sets us on a path to becoming the preeminent carbon emissions reporting platform across Southeast Asia, renowned for our commitment to precision and accountability.
VertZéro’s mission revolves around partnering with corporations to navigate the journey towards net-zero emissions, transcending the traditional role of a data provider.
We understand the multifaceted challenges businesses face in achieving sustainable operations and are committed to being their steadfast ally every step of the way.
Basic Eco-Starter Emission Navigator Sustainable Enterprise

Measure, Automate, Report, Decarbonize

Tracks Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for any business.

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Align with Global Standards

Adheres to global climate reporting standards with assurance-grade GHG data.

Explore GHG Standards

Forecast, Set Targets, Achieve

Predicts, sets objectives, lowers carbon emissions, and meets your Net-zero goals.

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Marginal Abatement Cost Curve

Leverages financial data to build a long-term, sustainable business strategy.

Opportunities for GHG Inventory

  • Cost Reduction

    Cutting emissions in the supply chain saves businesses money and aligns with reduced energy consumption.

  • Boost Revenue

    The green transformation mega-trend creates new business opportunities to increase market share.

  • Risk Reduction

    Power Plan VIII, phasing out coal-fired power, and the CBAM carbon tax starting in 2026 represent significant risks that could be mitigated.

VertZéro's Solutions

  • Carbon Accounting Software

    VertZéro simplifies sustainability data, automates emissions monitoring, and optimizes Scope 3 management for ESG compliance.

  • Target, Forecast, Decarbonize

    VertZéro help businesses to reduce carbon and reduce cost at the same time using MACC - Marginal Abatement Cost Curve.

Why VertZéro?

VertZéro delivers precision-engineered, globally recognized software solutions tailored for key industries.
  • Intuitive Carbon Accounting Software

  • Integration Ready, 80% Cheaper

  • Comprehensive Partner Network

  • Experienced Team in Green Transformation

  • World-class Security Certificates

  • FPT

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